Slip and Fall

Throughout South Carolina, people are often injured as a result of slip and fall accidents. By definition, a slip and fall accident is used to describe when someone slips, trips or falls and is injured as a result. When these types of injuries occur on another person’s property or in the workplace, and negligence was involved then a premises liability claim may be filed against the property owner. Determining whether another party is liable for a person’s slip and fall accident can be a difficult task. Each situation depends on whether the owner of the property was negligent in allowing a condition to remain unsafe, in return exposing the victim to an unavoidable and unexpected hazard. In order to hold the property owner liable, the injured party must show that the accident was caused by a dangerous condition of which the property owner or possessor was aware, or should have been aware. The quicker an attorney becomes involved in the case, the faster an accident victim can begin to preserve and vindicate their legal rights. Our Firm prides itself on providing individuals with an attorney to serve their specific needs.